Nigg Skills Academy

About The Academy

Nigg Skills Academy, based at Nigg Energy Park, Nigg, Ross shire, was set up over five years ago to address the energy skills gaps in the oil and gas and renewables energy industry.

Our full time instructors have well over 100 years of industry experience in the oil and gas industry.

Nigg Skills Academy (NSA) is an entirely independent “not for profit" company established originally as a "pilot project" with funding support from both the public and private sector to address the training needs and shortfall in certain skills within the energy industry. It is an industry led facility based at Nigg Energy Park with a Board of Directors coming from a combination of industry, education and an interest in the wider skills agenda.

Originally focusing on the delivery of Modern Apprentices, the Academy have added a range of short, up skilling courses in Advanced Fabrication, Advanced Pipe Fitting and Welding training and coding to their portfolio. NSA has established itself as a leading industry led educational facility delivering "work ready" candidates, up skilled candidates and Modern Apprentice trainees to their employers.

Given the setting within the industrial base at Nigg Energy Park, NSA is unique in being able to add value, working with a wide cross section of employers from across Scotland and the outer Islands using the facility to train their people. The Modern Apprenticeship in Fabrication and Welding training for example is structured around an intensive 16 week course which provides the equivalent of a full year normally delivered within a college environment.

This apprenticeship, which is based around an SVQ Performing Engineering operations level 2 alongside the National Certificate and Fabrication and welding, is part delivered by our educational partner, North Highland College. It allows trainees to gain advanced knowledge and skills providing them with the back bone of skills to give employers the confidence that candidates can complete meaningful work when they go back into the workplace to complete their apprenticeship. Completion involves progressing an appropriate SVQ level 3 “assessed” within the work place. In real terms, this approach reduces the normal 4 year apprenticeship down to an average of 18 months.

Short up-skilling courses in Advanced fabrication and Advanced Pipe Fitting last 6 weeks, full time Monday – Friday, and are based on delivery of appropriate SVQ level 3 units plus welding / coding, delivered here at the training centre.
In having someone seconded from JobCentre Plus onsite 3 days per week, we can provide support and test some of the long term unemployed to find out their suitability for being provided with 6/8 weeks welder training testing with industry specific welder coding. At this point we try and find the trainee work and to date we have around an 85% success rate of placing the trainee into work once they have completed their welder coding(s).

Many of our courses are fully funded and we utilise various forms of funding for potential candidates, available subject to eligibility.
The NSA also has the ability to complete certain forms of commercial work to support employer needs.

What we do