Nigg Skills Academy

Nigg Energy Park

Nigg Skills Academy is based within Nigg Energy Park. This massive 238 acre facility in the Cromarty Firth with dry dock, deep water quayside space, lay down areas and some of the largest fabrication facilities in the UK is of tremendous advantage to the academy in their trainees being able to experience the reality of work within an industrial environment.

Being based within Nigg Energy Park allows all trainees to be treated as a normal workforce would be within the energy industry. They clock in with the workforce; they have breaks the same time as the workforce; they have Foremen (Instructors) the same as the workforce and are able to see first hand, the massive structures for both subsea, topside and rig modifications and repairs they will be working on when they leave the facility after their initial training. They will also be working with the same materials and have to undergo the same random drug testing and searches to allow them understand the importance of health and safety at all times, along with gaining first hand experience of the energy working environments in their time within the academy. This factor is extremely difficult to replicate within a normal college environment.

What we do