Nigg Skills Academy

Off The Job SVQ 2

Off the job - Scottish Vocational Qualification Level 2 which undertaken at the Nigg Skills Academy lasts 16 weeks.

Work to be covered should include:

  • Prepare work areas for welding activities
  • Prepare materials required for welding activities
  • Prepare equipment for welding activities
  • Reinstate the work area on completion of welding activities
  • Store and control resources during welding
  • Obtain and interpret welding specifications
  • Contribute to effective working relationships
  • Work safely and comply with emergency procedures
  • Deal with hazards in the work environment
  • Welding with Manual welding Equipment
  • Welding with Semi-automatic welding equipment

Qualification at SVQ level 2 that could be used to deliver this model would be Performing Engineering Operations GGOV 22 – Engineering Practices. This is a qualification which along side the National Certificate in Fabrication and Welding are the given qualifications within SEMTA's apprenticeships pathways and thus recognised by industry

Units are selected with a Welding Bias though basic elements of Platework and Pipefitting are included

In order to enable the trainee to continue their training while on the job, Production Qualification Tests to - ASME IX or BS EN ISO 287 standard can be offered to the parent companies spec, costs of which are by arrangement.

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