Nigg Skills Academy

NSA Student Feedback

Lewis is 17 years of age and stays in the Black Isle. He came into the academy via JobCentre Plus to gain some work experience and develop his skills following his time at College. This is what Lewis had to say about Nigg Skills Academy.

"During my time in the academy I was able to develop the basic skills learned at college and put them into a more work based training environment. The Instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable in advising and helping me to gain additional skills which led to me gaining my welder codings. I was delighted when, along with some of my fellow students, we were interviewed by both Global North Fabrication and Ross shire Engineering. They took time to explain their own plans and the type of work we would do if selected and we were excited at the prospects if chosen. I started my apprenticeship with Global on the 14th May and I doubt very much whether I would have had this opportunity if I had not been at Nigg Skills Academy.”

All at Nigg Skills Academy wish Lewis and the other 8 students chosen for apprenticeships every success in their future careers.

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