Nigg Skills Academy

Wood Group PSN send apprentices to Nigg Skills Academy

Aberdeen based WoodGroupPSN (WGPSN) appreciate the benefits of Nigg Skills Academy's industry led training and have already had 10 apprentices in the pipefitting discipline through their initial 16 weeks training and are now back with their employer in the workplace to continue their training.

Another 10 apprentices (6 pipefitters and 4 platers) from WGPSN commence their 16 weeks initial training in February 2015 and supported by the ECITB in meeting their industry qualification standards, they will stay locally whilst completing their training.

NSA General Manager, Kenny Beaton said, “we are delighted to have developed this relationship with Wood Group PSN as they see real benefits of their people being trained within the industrial environment at Nigg Energy Park. We work to industry standards as opposed to a college training environment. So they start at 8am, they clock in with the rest of the workforce working within Nigg Energy Park, they work with right kind of materials they will use in the workplace and have breaks to the times set by industry. There is no doubt this gets them work ready. Their training is intense over the 16 weeks as it is just short of 1 year at a college and so the likes of their accommodation needs to be just right and it is great to have their employers coming in regularly to speak with the trainees and show real interest in their work. There is no doubt having a client of Wood Group PSN stature does highlight our training does meet their needs and we hope this relationship will continue to develop in the years ahead."

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