About Apprentices

It is intended that Welding trades are trained in all the skills required to meet the needs of all related Industries. Our MA (Modern Apprenticeship) trainees would normally be expected to complete a 16-week intensive course that in real terms is only 4 hours short of the matching one-year Fabrication and Welding courses within the college network.

Our experience has proven we require to provide the MA trainees with 16-week intensive training to take them up to a qualification(s) and ability to go back into their workplace to complete meaningful work and require the minimum amount of mentoring time. This is important to their employers as they need to see a quality standard of work from their MA trainees, an understanding of the importance of health and safety within the workplace and the drive and commitment to undertake tasks with limited supervision as and when required.

Each trainee has different qualities and learn their new skills at different speeds. It is the job of our instructors to ensure they fully understand their work requirements and what is expected of them when they go back into the workplace. Continuous monitoring by both employers’ representatives and instructors will ensure the trainees make good progress and we have this extra ability to be able to train and qualify their trainee in certain disciplines to suit their business.