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Modern Apprenticeships in Welding & Fabrication

We support apprentices to excel in the workplace

We work with apprentices from businesses across the north of Scotland to provide them the training they need to succeed in their chosen career.

If you wish to enter Nigg Skills Academy to complete a Modern Apprenticeship in Welding, Fabrication and Pipefitting, you must find an employer who is prepared to offer you a paid, full-time contract of employment. Any employer can be considered.

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About Our Apprentice Training

Our Modern Apprenticeship trainees are expected to complete a 16-week intensive course in welding and fabrication – the equivalent of a full year learning in a college environment.

We provide our students with the training they need to return to their workplace to complete meaningful work – and require the minimum amount of mentoring time, allowing them to progress faster.

We have worked with apprentices for over a decade and know that everyone is different. Our instructors will ensure every trainee full understands their work requirements and what is expected of them when they return to the workplace.

Continuous monitoring by both employers’ representatives and instructors will ensure the trainees make strong progress.

This ensures employers see a high quality of work from apprentices – as well as an understanding of health and safety within the workplace, and the drive and ability to undertake tasks with limited supervision.